"... brand new, state-of-the-art, tube filling machine designed specifically for non-tobacco products!"
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Enter the Phoenix Fastfill. A counter top machine for in-store consumer use. The Phoenix Fastfill is a state of the art, semi-automatic, tube filling machine that is capable of assisting consumers in processing their non-tobacco purchase in just a few moments. Reliable, durable, easy to use and reasonably priced - the Phoenix Fastfill will allow a retailer to take advantage of the new profit potential of offering the new non-tobacco alternatives. Don't miss the boat on this quickly growing category! The Phoenix Fastfill is available exclusively through S.A.M. Manufacturing.

Make your commitment to join this new wave of retail profit opportunity with the purchase of this exciting new piece of machinery. This purchase includes a mandatory, free, 1 day training course for the buyer.

Shipping and applicable sales tax are not included in the sale price.

Product is not available for sale in: AK, AR, HI, IA, MA, NY, OK, WV and WI.
No Royalties! No Territories! No Compressor! Tabletop Machine!

There is a brand new development in the RYO/MYO category! All-new, non-tobacco alternatives have been introduced into the marketplace. Testing in various mid-west and north-east markets has created a positive buzz and we're getting involved TODAY!

S.A.M. Manufacturing is excited to announce the
release of an all-new electric machine, calibrated and designed specifically for the processing of non-tobacco alternative tube filling.